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Burness Paull Edinburgh, 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh

Refresh of the Burness Paull LLP Edinburgh Office

Following two successful fit-outs for Burness Paull LLP, Ross Ellis Stewart Architect were asked to provide architectural and interior design services at their Edinburgh office.

The practice carried out a utilisation analysis and a review of spaceplanning and workplace density to drive the design process for a refresh of Burness Paull's head office.

The designs for the refresh included larger collaboration spaces prompting more face to face interractions, promoting cross fertilisation of knowledge and ideas. Every desk would be replaced with a sit-stand desk and acoustic pods would provide additionsl privacy during confidential zoom calls. Staff wellbeing and employee development would be improved with enhanced break-out areas and tea preps and a flexible training suite would double as a staff wellness area for yoga and other group activities.

Completion: June 2023
Client: Burness Paull LLP
Architect: Ross Ellis Stewart Architect
Interior Designer: Ross Ellis Stewart Architect
Project Manager: PMP
Principal Contractor: SJS

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